Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who I'm Working For: Future Henny Youngmans

Team Blog waving goodbye. They only said 'wave,' not 'wave at the camera,' so I'm waving at the Coat Check Lady.

Lots of SCBWI love still floating around the kidlitosphere days after the conference is over. I'm thrilled to have been a part of Team Blog again and hope you enjoyed all our posting and tweeting. Conferences go by so fast, it is lovely to have a record of them however brief, and I cannot tell you how much we DIDN'T blog. The conference was choc-a-bloc with great stuff. We only scratched the surface. New York was all about soaking up knowledge.

And socializing with my People! Old SCBWI WWA buddies made a formidable showing in Manhattan. Happy to see new faces like Peter Brown and Julia Sarcone-Roach. Plus old favorites like darlink Betsy Bird, Esther Hershenhorn, Sydney Salter and Ann Haywood Leal. And all those groovy editors, art directors and agents that I've gotten to know by being involved with SCBWI. Not to mention the SCBWI staff and, one more time, Team Blog. I'm building them a shrine.

I got a brief howdy with my buddy G. Brian Karas, too! Those of you in need of an art class slash vacation in Italy are IN LUCK! Brian is actually teaching there this summer via Art Workshop International. AND he says he started a blog thanks in part to my nagging, so go visit!

For this Winter Conference I'm willing to go on record and say that Allyn Johnston gave one of my all-time favorite conference talks ever. You can read my post on it here. I love how she and Marla Frazee are always able to articulate what children's book making is all about. KIDS.

On the topic of kids, below is some eavesdropping I did a few afternoons ago. Most might find this tedious and maybe it's only funny if you were there, but... But it was just too exciting to see adolescent purchasing power in action. Plus "Boy" is my ideal audience–twenty years from now I could see him on the comedy circuit. And I only hope I might write or draw something someday soon that makes this guy laugh:

Boy: What's up, man? What can I get for five dollars?

What do you want for five dollars?

How about a root beer and a hot chocolate.

*Another kid walks in, let's call him "Other Guy"*

Boy sees Other Guy:
Oh, this guy! He's loaded!

*Barista gives Boy change back. Friend giggles. Boy seems surprised to have money left over*

OH... Can I get a graham cracker, too?

*Boy starts reading root beer bottle label out loud. Friend giggles*

Barista interrupts label reading:
Do you want milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

Boy waving hands like little flippers:
WHAT's this?!?

Barista sighs:
You can get milk chocolate or dark chocolate on your graham cracker.

*Boy's mind has just been blown*

Oh! Ha ha, milk chocolate.

*Boy is checking out countertop and sees tip jar*

And heeeeeeeere's some change. Heeeeeeere!

*Boy puts change in tip jar with energy -- plonk! plonk! PLONK. Friend giggles*

*Friend and Boy sit and eat sugar straight from sugar packets. A minute later, sugar and chocolate covered graham cracker have been consumed*

*They leave and Boy is holding his still sealed root beer bottle upside down like a baseball bat. Friend is catching up from behind while giggling and slorping the whipped cream off his cocoa*


Tara McClendon said...

I'm glad you had a great time. I'm looking forward to catching up with the other posts.

Cuppa Jolie said...

I know that coat check lady was glad you waved to her.

And...Silly boys. :)