Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zoink! I almost forgot.

I have some new art pieces in my portfolio!

And some groovy news -- May 15 to June 15 I'll have a new art series up at the best coffee shop in West Seattle, Dubsea Coffee. It is sooooo beautiful inside and the coffee is delicious. The coffee shop is right smack dab between community centers and schools and an early learning center, so the hope is that the art opening will be kid friendly. With maybe an art making activity and frosted goodies! And they do movie nights, too. On Valentine's they are showing Harold & Maude, how cool is that?

New art pieces:


jesse joshua watson said...

Nice pieces!

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Ah, this makes me happy. What's the haps on the 15th? Are we having a huge, huge, huge party? Would you like the talking potatoes to perform?

Ali said...

I love your style and I've fallen for Lucy and Alice - Who are they??

I'm going to have to treat myself when I'm on my hols;)


Kirby Larson said...

Love, love, love Lucy and Alice -- and the T-Rex ballerinas?!! Brilliant.

Winston is feeling the eensiest teensiest miffed, however. He thinks a King Charles Cavalier spaniel would be an awesome illustration in your portfolio.

Anonymous said...

First dinosaur I've seen with braces. Love it!

~Nick C.

Kjersten said...

Great new pieces, Jaime! I really like Lucy and Alice.

CocoaStomp said...

Thanks Jesse! Congrats on your book sale news!!!
Yes, Smartha, I would like to hire your spuds.
Ali, I'll introduce you to the real Alice & Lucy when you come visit!
Thanks Kirby and Nick and Kjersten!

holly cupala said...

Those are absolutely charming! I'm in love with the Lucy and Alice pieces.