Thursday, March 18, 2010

Super Secret Squirrel Ninja Book Party TODAY AFTER SCHOOL

Mac Barnett is in town today! YOU, fellow super sleuth, are invited to a sneaky book party, today at 4pm in Ballard.

He's the author of GUESS AGAIN!, BILLY TWITTERS AND HIS WHALE PROBLEM, and the fantabulous middle grade THE BRIXTON BROTHERS BOOK 1: THE CASE OF THE CASE OF THE MISTAKEN IDENTITY (all with art by mega-awesome Adam Rex.)

His picture book with Dan the Man Santat, OH NO!, will be out this summer. OH YES.

Plus Mac's on the board of directors for 826LA, edited "The Rear End" for McSweeney's, likes candy, and started the Echo Park Time Travel Supply Mart.

If that isn't enough of a draw to meet him today at 4:00 pm at Secret Garden Books in Ballard, then please, please, go read one of my favorite 7 Imps interviews with Mac and Adam here.

And watch this great classified video for librarians on Simon & Schuster videos here

And now how can you say nyet?

Mac Barnett at Secret Garden Books
4:00 pm, Thursday, March 18th
2214 Northwest Market Street
Seattle, WA 98107-4024
(206) 789-5006

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book publishers said...

I thoroughly enjoyed Guess Again, it's a lively, fun and fantastic book. Highly recommended.