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Previously on Bound: Jolly Good Award Winners

England's most prestigious children's book awards, the Carnegie Medal and the Kate Greenaway Medal, have their shortlists available for the 2010 nominees. And who might these two chappies below be you asks, mayhaps?
Andrew Keep Your Pants On CarnegieKate 
Get Your Hands Off My Original Art Greenaway

Well, sexy beasts for a start, guv'nah! It's none other than Andrew Carnegie, library champion and big shot tycoon of the US (born in Scotland.) And that come hither stare from England's Kate Greenaway? She was one of the first successful female children's book illustrators (pre-Beatrix), a rival of Randolph Caldecott's, and powerful/savvy enough in her career to demand copyright rights.

SO, in a British nut shell, their eponymous awards are the top awards for kid books in England and come with a lovely medal and a small boatload of British pounds.

You'll notice that some of these books have different covers and even illustrators than their American editions -- I'm putting them side by side for comparison. Plus, some books, like "The Graveyard Book," came out in the US more than a year ago, but their British editions came out last year and are therefore eligible for this year's award. And some of these British titles aren't coming out here until this summer or later... Publishing is such a wackadoo world.

I'm only linking to US IndieBound purchase links if possible, but I'm sure your neighborhood bookseller would be happy to track down the UK edition if you only ask! Because they are all geniuses.

Check out these titles to find out what's hopping across the pond, pip, pip!

Carnegie Medal Short List
(best book for children or young people):
UK Chains US ChainsUK Graveyard BookUS Graveyard Book
Laurie Halse Anderson's "Chains"
Neil Gaiman's "The Graveyard Book"

UK Vanishing of KatharinaUS The Vanishing of 
KatharinaUK Rowan the 
Helen Grant's "The Vanishing of Katharina Linden"
Julie Hearn's "Rowan the Strange" (no US edition info yet)

UK The Ask the AnswerUS The Ask and the AnswerUK NationUS Nation
Patrick Ness's "The Ask and the Answer"
Terry Pratchett's "Nation"

UK Fever CrumbUS Fever CrumbUK RevolverUS Revolver
Philip Reeve's "Fever Crumb"
(am I the only one that thinks of a crusty rash when I hear this title?)
Marcus Sedgwick's "Revolver"

Kate Greenaway Medal
(best book illustration for children or young people):

Leon and the Place BetweenHarry and HopperThe Great Paper CaperThe Graveyard Book
Millie's Marvelous HAtCrazy HairThe DunderheadsThere Are Cats in this Book
Grahame Baker-Smith's illustrations for "Leon and the Place Between"Freya Blackwood's illustrations for "Harry and Hopper" (no US edition info yet, but heart heart heart her work!)
Oliver Jeffers's illustrations for "The Great Paper Caper"
Chris Riddell's illustrations for "The Graveyard Book"
Satoshi Kitamura's illustrations for "Millie's Marvelous Hat"
Dave McKean's illustrations for "Crazy Hair"
David Roberts's illustrations for "The Dunderheads"
Viviane Schwarz's illustrations for "There are Cats in this Book"

Now would be a good time to admit my unending love and admiration for David Roberts's work. The silly bloke doesn't seem to have a website, so here's an old interview where he uses the word 'trump' and a smattering of the books he's done:

The Awful End seriesCinderella David RobertsDirty BertieDumpster Diver
Iggy, ArchitectMrs. Crump's CatRapunzel David RobertsLittle Red David Roberts
Tyrannasaurus Drip

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