Monday, May 10, 2010

Previously on Bound: Author Spying 05/10

Today we are spying on author Cecil Castellucci and author/illustrator Erik Brooks.

Cecil has a few traditional novels outs as well as some fantastic graphic novels. She's also written the libretto for an opera that premiered in Toronto last week. Oh, don't be a snooty turkey about opera, her opera is a LIVE COMIC BOOK OPERA. Barnes & Noble has a groovy interview with her here.

Here's a snapshot of Cecil's site:
Cecil's site
Her last blog post was a few days ago, but she's active on Twitter, which is like little mini-posts, you know?

Some of Cecil's books:
GeektasticBoy ProofPlain Janes

And Erik Brooks saw a bear! Or his neighbor/friend did. Here's a snapshot of his blog:
Erik blog

The author/illustrator is in bear country, many hours away from me in Washington State. I wouldn't mind seeing the bears Erik paints. Especially because they have the decency to usually wear pajamas.

Some of Erik's books:
Cat DiariesDog DiariesTotem Tales

Both Erik and Cecil have loads more books, but this blog software just ate all my photos and links for the umpteenth time. So, please, please, go check out their sites and get to know all their great titles.

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