Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Previously on Bound: Kids Got Mail

Do you get Daily Candy? The Kid edition? I do and love it. And they featured the coooolest thing a couple of days ago. One of my favorite books as a kid was the one with all the addresses you could send away to for free bits and bobs. That book is dead as a door nail now that we can print .pdf downloads or subscribe to things online, but with it died the thrill of the postman ringing twice. For the price of a week's worth of mochas, you can bring back six months of stamped fun.

Abe's Peanut, is a serial postcard story service for kids, four postcards to a story, one card per week. A six month subscription is only $48 and you can get in on the first issue -- it starts in June. Look at this charming image they have on their site (I think it is by Vanessa Boer):

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