Sunday, May 16, 2010

Previously on Bound: Vampires for All Ages

Books That Suck! I couldn't write that in the title line...

Teen vampy books, of course, suck in the best way! A huge, huge, huge thank you to Sci-Fi Movies Superfan Amy for her fabulous recount of the Charlaine Harris book event. Harris was just in Seattle, too, and her adorable exterior hides so much delicious vampire bloodlust! I love her. AND her book series is a huge hit with all the teens I know.

But if you've read all ten Sookie books, do you want to try out some different blood types?

Here are just a few, but since biters are still all the rage, we promise to bring you more suggestions in a few weeks.

TantalizieFirst, consider trading Merlotte's in for Sanguini's, a vampire friendly restaurant in Texas and also the setting for Cynthia Leitich Smith's "Tantalize." "Eternal" is set in the same world as "Tantalize," but with different characters. Both out in paper back now. A third book should be out in 2011.

Boys That BiteOr there's the Blood Coven Vampire series by Mari Mancusi with twins and their Buffyesque romantic adventures: "Boys That Bite," "Stake That," and "Girls That Growl" and "Bad Blood."

Vampire DiariesAll the cool kids are enjoying "The Vampire Diaries" TV show, and how bad can it be if Boone from "Lost" is on it?!? Maybe you should read the books by L.J. Smith, too? Books 1 and 2 (
"The Awakening" and "The Struggle" or 3 and 4 ("The Fury" and "Dark Reunion" are available together. The last two are "The Return: Nightfall" and "The Return: Shadow Souls".

If you aren't old enough for Sookie and friends, there's a few younger vampire books out there:

For middle graders, there's Joann Sfar's Little Vampire series. I looooove Joann Sfar's work. He compares making comics to improvising in jazz which is such a nice way to think about drawing similar, but different panels of art. All three stories in one book: "Little Vampire."

And for picture book fiends, there's "Vunce Upon a Time" by Siobhan Vivian and J. Otto Siebold.
Little VampireVunce Upon a Time

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