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Previously on Bound: Meg Cabot Interview

Meg Cabot! Could she be more lovely? Author of "The Princess Diaries" series and a bazillion other great books has taken on the fanged and funky with "Insatiable." Sparkling wit, sweet characters, and pithy dialogue, "Insatiable" is for adults, but the older teens I know that have devoured "True Blood" will find this a refreshing and hilarious take on vamps. Meg is giving away free "Insatiable"s on her site (visit, you'll absolutely want to try to win!) and offering up some advice on how to help with the BP oil spill in her online journal.

InsatiableFirst, the publisher's flap for "Insatiable":

Sick of hearing about vampires? So is Meena Harper. But her bosses are making her write about them anyway, even though Meena doesn't believe in them. Not that Meena isn't familiar with the supernatural. See, Meena Harper knows how you're going to die. (Not that you're going to believe her. No one ever does.) But not even Meena's precognition can prepare her for what happens when she meets—then makes the mistake of falling in love with—Lucien Antonescu, a modern-day prince with a bit of a dark side. It's a dark side a lot of people, like an ancient society of vampire hunters, would prefer to see him dead for. The problem is, Lucien's already dead. Maybe that's why he's the first guy Meena's ever met whom she could see herself having a future with. See, while Meena's always been able to see everyone else's future, she's never been able look into her own. And while Lucien seems like everything Meena has ever dreamed of in a boyfriend, he might turn out to be more like a nightmare. Now might be a good time for Meena to start learning to predict her own future. . . . If she even has one.

Meg is my new book trailer hero. She has FOUR, count 'em, FOUR book trailers for this book! I dream her legions of fans will film their own episodes of the book's Insatiable soap opera (maybe using live actors or Barbies?) and Meg to curate on YouTube. A girl can dream, right? And if I watch any soap opera I want it to be one that Meg Cabot inspired.

Absolutely I agree with Seventeen and NBC's "Today" that this is a stellar beach read. The only problem is we have to wait until next year for the sequel (and I'm really bitter about this, but there are a few Cabot books I have not read yet to get me through the next few months.)

On to Bound's exclusive interview! It was a bit agonizing finding interview questions. Meg is one of the few authors that has a totally current website, an extensive FAQ section, plus an active blog and twitter account. So many questions I thought of I had to cross out! But I did, of course, get to ask about snacks:

Bound: I loved "Insatiable" and, although it is listed as a book for adults, many of my teen friends would eat this up. Your book giveaway contest is open to anyone age 13 and older, so would you say this is okay for older teens?

Meg: Yes! I'd say it is okay for 14 and up.

I read that you have another YA paranormal series starting next year, too?

It's called "Abandoned" and I'm actually just finishing up the first book right now, out next spring. It is very dark, much darker than my "Airhead" series—a modern retelling of the Persephone myth, you know GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD, so pretty dark.

You'll be at a big, public event in Orlando at the end of July, what is that for?

On July 28th I'll be at a big literacy signing. Hopefully it will be huge, with tons of people, and we'll be able to raise lots of money for the Readers for Life literacy fundraiser.

What's on your nightstand?

I'm actually reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" because I never read that and it is so popular right now, and I want to see the movie. But I'm also reading a lot of books that are going to be coming out—people have asked for blurbs. So I can't talk about those books yet, but I'll definitely be blogging about them in the future. And I'm dying to read Rachel Vail's latest, "Brilliant."

Do you have a favorite writing snack?

YumI do! Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. I found this woman who makes me chocolate chip cookies and they're SO GOOOOD! Oh my gosh, and you know what I love? I also love miniature Heath bars, too. Yeah, it's a horrible snack because they aren't very healthy, but I LOVE THEM.

Thanks, Meg!!!

All the funny things I'm remembering from Twitter are from her, too! I keep thinking it is some comedian, but it is this lovely lady.

Meg Cabot tweets

Meg's site is a treasure trove of extras to round out your "Insatiable" reading experience—a playlist of great songs, a pronunciation guide, photos of all the great places/paintings/pooches/totes mentioned in the story, and coming soon, once the book has been out for a few weeks, a Deleted Scenes section! (I think there's still room for a button leading us to a mock-Insatiable episodes video page... Just saying.)

And her online journal is awesome. Check out what the grandmas of Florida are doing and find out how you, too, can help with the mess in the gulf.

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