Monday, February 21, 2011

New York bits and bobs

Last week was a last-minute trip back to New York, my favorite place! No conference schedule to adhere to, so lots of walking around and eating up art and snacks and skylines.

The Society of Illustrators main gallery had the books and editorial show up. Some familiar children's book artists in the mix. A few of my favorites:

André Da Loba
 Transfer print by AndrĂ© Da Loba for Kalandraka Editora

Vincent Bourgeau
 Digital print by Vincent Bourgeau for Ecoles des Loisirs

Our little John Hendrix
 Ink and acrylics wash for NURSE, SOLDIER, SPY! by John Hendrix for Abrams

David Ercolini
 Ever excellent Ercolini for  NOT INSIDE THIS HOUSE! for Scholastic

Walking in Chelsea, the place they send bad dolls to. This window was much creepier in person.

Cut-out of character Searle made for British rum ads in the Fifties, Mr. Lemonhart
 AND one of the best parts of my trip:
Seeing Ronald Searle originals in person. 
He's pretty fascinating, born in 1920, during WWII he was captured by the Japanese. Searle almost died in a POW camp, one of the ones that had prisoners building the Thai-Burma railway. I didn't take any pictures of the sketches he did of his captors, but Searle sketched everyday while imprisoned to keep his sanity.
Illustrations for a mug mock-up
 Searle did work for Forbes Magazine, and most of the books and art in the retrospective are the personal property of the Forbes family. He also did concept sketches for Disney's 101 DALMATIANS! I had no idea. A great resource for Searle fans is here.

My favorite Searle bits of the retrospective was all the St. Trinian's art, but from this article, that's probably not something I should write a fan letter about.

 A side hallway of the Forbes Gallery houses a few beautiful panels from the S.S. Normandie. This blog has better photos than I was able to take, it's hard to tell, still, how luminous these panels are in person, but even the little explanatory plaque was exciting to read.

Even the Forbes bathrooms had a healthy dose of Art Deco

Forbes toity wallpaper of neverending skyscrapers

And finally, some good news while I was gone, my darlink Kim Baker SOLD HER FIRST BOOK! Did you see the news? It's better than four kinds of Momofuku Milk Bar soft serve plus toppings, and that's saying something.


kim baker said...

Aw, you're so sweet! Thanks for the mention.
Glad your trip had treats.

Matt J said...

Wish I could've made it to the Forbes Searle show. Mind if I add the image of Mr LemonHart to my Searle blog?
Matt Jones

Ariel said...

Congrats to Kim!! Really enjoyed seeing the pics and links for Ronald Searle - pretty freaking inspiring stuff :)

Ariel said...

Congrats to Kim!! Really enjoyed the pics and links for Ronald Searle - that's some pretty freaking inspiring stuff :)