Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take my class this summer! I am fairly well behaved.

No blog updates since February?! Well, I have many good excuses. But excuse no more. Watch out, I say, because I am putting my blogging pants BACK ON. And they are even more comfortable than pyjama jeans.

First news bit: I'll be teaching again this summer! My favorite summer class, the one the amazing Brenda Z. Guiberson usually teaches. I am substituting again, and here is the ad:

And here is the link!

If you are new to picture book making, this class is for you! And if you are old to picture book making, look me in the eyes and tell me you are truly, truly remembering all the smart rules of writing and illustrating and LIVING THEM while you work on Dummy X. If you can only look me in the eyebrows, this class is also for you.

It's not that many classes, but you'd be surprised at the cupcakes to class ratio—I know I was. And I have some stellar guest speakers! None other than the queen of smart, Martha Brockenbrough, who will tell us some incredible stuff about the words in picture books. And the king of smart, Richard Jesse Watson, who'll not only tell us incredible stuff about the art in picture books, he'll actually show us with a live painting demo! I can't stop exclaiming about this!

Here's the full description:

Explore the visual side of writing picture books through workshops, discussions and critiques. Delve into character details, word choice, visual research, pacing, art styles, media, point-of-view and manuscript revision. Craft a book from an original story or retold folktale.


Start Date:6/14/2011
End Date:7/7/2011
Credits:2.4 CEUs
Learning Format:Classroom
Location:UW Seattle
Reg #:108945

What the Program Covers

  • Ways in which a manuscript can suggest visual scenes and how illustrations enhance the narrative qualities of a manuscript
  • Character details, word choice, visual research, pacing, art styles, media, point-of-view and manuscript revision
  • Seamless integration of a story's words and pictures


You will know how to unite visual and narrative elements to create a compelling story. You will have developed a 32-page book mock-up and worked toward the final art.

Who Should Enroll

  • Aspiring and published illustrators and authors of children's 32-page picture books


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You look so chic in your blogging pants!

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