Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SCBWI TEAM BLOG Exclusive: David Small

This February, Winter Conference-goers were saddened to hear that David Small wouldn't be able to attend. Being bold, I'll speak for SCBWI (and surely future Los Angeles attendees!) that we are thrilled he'll be coming to the Summer Conference. Plus, David speaking in LA means we'll get to see him in his jammies on Saturday.

Holy wow, look at this slideshow of books David has illustrated:

Not only those he's authored, like NBA finalist STITCHES, but those with the incredible Sarah Stewart. His co-creator list basically reads as a Who's Who of Children's Literature.

David was kind enough to answer a couple questions and send us a groovy photo of his studio (tell me that's not the best place to hang an NBA medal.)

Jaime: Hiya, David. Can you give potential Illustrator Intensive attendees a hint of what your live demo will be about?

David:  I'll be stressing what I think is most important: knowing anatomy, drawing with an expressive line, and drawing fast.

J: That sounds fantastic. On the topic of expressive line, who's your favorite illustrator in history?

D: In books, Ernest Shepard. In Editorial: Heinrich Kley.

J: Ernest Shepard is amazing. I've never heard of Heinrich Kley, so nice to meet a new (old) illustrator, and wildly interesting. Who is one of your favorite up-and-coming illustrators?

D: L’Uyen Pham.

J: My favorite of L'Uyen's might be GRACE FOR PRESIDENT, but I'm also excited by her work in graphic novels. Illustrators, be sure to check out her fun new site and blog. How about favorite art tool? Again, to be clear, not an art tool like Peter Brown, but a favorite brand of pencil, paper, etc.?

D: Pocket Brush Pen by Tombo.

J: Awesome! And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you use that on some of your incredible travel sketches. Favorite working snack?

D: Tangerines.

J: Like chocolate oranges?

D: ...

J: Oh, REAL FRUIT? I will have to check these "tangerines" out. One last question, David, and thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to chat with us pre-conference. What's the one thing you do every day that makes you a better artist?

D: I try to complete at least one drawing (of anything) every day, to justify my existence on this earth.

Thank you, David!!! Friends, see David in action at the 40th Anniversary SCBWI Summer Conference. And illustrators, if you haven't signed up for the Intensive yet, you can and should.

Here's that studio pic:

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Lee Wind said...

fun interview - and I do love David's answer to the question of what's the one thing he does every day that makes him a better artist. (thinking of what my own answer to that one would be...)
Thanks to you both!