Sunday, July 31, 2011

SCBWI TEAM BLOG Exclusive: Kadir Nelson

All of the illustrators doing Monday demos at the SCBWI Int'l Summer Conference have made illustrations that stick in my heart. Kadir Nelson's work fills my left ventricle. Look at all these lovely covers (if you can still see the covers, what with all the medals on them.)

Not sure what Kadir will be demo-ing, but we know it will be awesome, right?

Jaime: Hi Kadir! Who's one of your most favorite illustrators in history?

Kadir: Dean Cornwell.

Jaime: Neat! I have never heard of Dean Cornwell! I love discovering new illustrators. It's like discovering a new kind of candy. Which reminds me, do you think Steven Malk eats too much candy?

Kadir: Don't know.

Jaime: I know you made him a bobblehead doll, a fairly well documented thing Steve likes, and I believe it is also fairly well documented that he is pro-dessert. Don't feel you need to shield him from the scrutiny of the children's book blog world.

Kadir: ...

Jaime: By not answering you are proving that you are a loyal and discrete client. Well done. What's your favorite working snack?

Kadir: Water.

Jaime: I'm sorry, I fainted. Water? Like frozen with sugar and flavors? As an ingredient in a baked good? Maybe you thought I was asking what your favorite tool was, like water for diluting paint. Did you mean water is your favorite working tool?

Kadir: My favorite tool is a sable flat brush.

Jaime: So water is really consumable on it's own and not just as a necessary evil in a Slurpee? This is news to me. Final question, besides drinking "water," what do you do everyday that makes you a better artist?

Kadir: I meditate and play the game of life. 

Jaime: Thanks, Kadir! I want to point out that Kadir did not capitalize "life" in the answer above, though he may play the game of Life on occasion.

Check out Kadir's lovely studio, an image swiped from his fantastic site. And look on the Events section, Kadir's WE ARE THE SHIP art is touring! It will be at the Carle Museum starting February 2012, but is out and about around America now.

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Alisha Gabriel said...

Thanks for sharing this fun interview! I especially like Mr. Nelson's painting United in Song.