Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back from the best conference ever!

Hugging my HERO, Lin Oliver. No one told me my Exceptionally Ecstatic face is also my Being Goosed face. I leave it to you to decide which face this is.
It was a lovely week away. I admit, I'm sad to have left the 1300-watt creative vibes and sunshine of the SCBWI International Summer Conference.

A giant thank you to Alice Pope and the rest of Team Blog for being so cool. And a truckload of thanks to SCBWI headquarters for doing so much amazing stuff for so few dollars. Their conferences and intensives are worth every flipping penny, my friends. Below are my conference posts:

My Experience at the Monday Illustrator Intensive

David Small's Keynote

Laurent Linn: Judge This! The Anatomy of Creating Book Cover Art 

Steven Malk: Making the Most of Your Illustration Career

Martha Rago: The Craft of the Picture Book

Jerry Pinkney's Keynote

Richard Jesse Watson: From Capable to Mastery

Agreement You Must Agree To If You Want To Hear Jon Scieszka Speak

Jon Scieszka's Keynote You May Read After You Agree To The Above Agreement

Paul Zelinsky: Illustrating Fairy Tales

I made a BEAUTY QUEENS themed commercial for before Libba Bray's keynote

The Golden Kite Poster

Sally Mavor's Acceptance Speech for the Golden Kite Award

Denise Fleming: Illustrating for the Very, Very Young

Agent Panel: Marcia Wernick


Tegan said...

Jamie, what a great round-up! And I love the enigma of your photo. "Where is Lin's other hand?" ha! I love your enthusiasm!

Kjersten said...

Great to see you there, Jaime! Even if only for a tiny bit of time. I liked your summary of the illustrator intensive on the team blog. Best day ever.