Monday, August 1, 2011

SCBWI TEAM BLOG: Denise Fleming in Los Angeles! A mini-soap box moment!

Summer Conference Attendees, drink your electrolyte enhanced waters, please, because you are meeting Denise Fleming this week and she is a dynamo.

SCBWI Western Washington locals had the good fortune to meet Denise in 2007, she led a retreat weekend for us with the inimitable Darcy Pattison. I don't think Denise went to bed that entire weekend, she was up all day leading hands-on workshops, and up all night giving beyond-the-call-of-duty manuscript critiques and/or making fake boogers out of rubber cement.

Super Denise and SCBWI WWA ARA Kim Baker

I can count two of my daily illustration practices as directly inspired from Denise's critique of my work and her workshops, so I thank her for that everyday. AND for how to make rubber cement boogers, they stick so well to your nostrils!

At our retreat, Denise focused on picture book writing and illustrating for the very young, and I am thrilled to see she's covering those topics at the Summer Conference. BUT, don't be fooled. Her tips and techniques work if you are writing or illustrating picture books for the... very old young, too.

Most of you know Denise creates her art using a paper pulp painting method which usually needs a whole studio's worth of gear. I don't know if she'll be doing that for her demo, but whatever she does, I know it will be incredible.

Check out Denise's process-rich website and consider getting her super cool junior autobiography.

Like the Hyatt Hotel soaps soap-sized box.

There's nothing junior about the Meet The Author series, if you are a fan of any of the authors—Lois Ehlert! James Howe! Janet Wong! They are fine reference books for new writers. Denise's is very charming.

The MtA series is rivaled only by the out-of-print SELF-PORTRAIT series which I would pay a zillion dollars to see started up again. In fact, ALL of the illustrators doing demos next Monday would make great additions to the SELF-PORTRAIT series. I have Trina Schart Hyman, Erik Blegvad, and Margot Zemach's. They are small, fully illustrated picture book autobiographies. They are gorgeous and personal and perfect, and it's a dirty shame they aren't being made today. SHAME, I SAY!


Kirsten said...

I'm looking forward to tuning in from afar for the conference and know that I will be about as close as possible to feeling like i'm there because you always share such apropos and serendipitous :)

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miss you too! Hope you have an amazing experience in LA!