Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Gifts for Illustrators! Flattering on Any Illustrator!

Friends, if 2010 marks the third year in a row your significant other gave you Uri Shulevitz's WRITING WITH PICTURES, point them to this blog post.

I love me some Uri, but BELOW is a killer present you should give your favorite up-and-coming illustrator. All sizes still available!

It looks good on dudes

Photo credit: Rita Crayon Huang, Copyright ©2011, SCBWI,

It looks good on ladies

Photo credit: Rita Crayon Huang, Copyright ©2011, SCBWI,

Yes, the SCBWI International 
Winter Conference Lanyard!

The conference takes place January 28-29, 2012, and Early Bird Registration price breaks are available until December 31st!

To gift the conference, you can either sign your illustrator up via this link, or consider helping them cover the cost of registration—SCBWI Member registration is only $360.00 right now, Non-Member registration is $450.00.

Some of the great people they'll hear at the conference include: Agents! Editors that are acquiring picture books! HarperCollins Associate Creative Director Martha Rago! TWELVE, count them, TWELVE, of the Book Maker's Dozen!

What if your favorite illustrator is already planning on going to the New York Winter Conference? There's another, equally valuable, awesome lanyard-based present STILL AVAILABLE!

This optional, pre-conference mega-opportunity is $225.00, which includes the private portfolio showcase fee, here's a snapshot of the schedule:

Help your favorite illustrator get closer to making their dreams come true, 'tis the season!


Rita said...

Hilarious and informative! Thanks for letting us know, Jaime!

Now, to think about whether any of my illustrator (or writer) friends have been especially good this year . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm still dreaming and learning. I thank you for the smiles your post brought me.

Patricia T. said...

Enjoyed the photos. I attended the conference in LA last summer and can't make NYC. :( Just signed up for the SCBWI blogger, so you are among the first individual of two websites I've visited -- both are illustrators. How cool! Enjoyed looking at your site!