Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fun with shelves

Some of the background elements for Lisa Lutz's HOW TO NEGOTIATE EVERYTHING.

Beet It and How Wheat It Is are my favorites.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Warts and all

If you love a book, do you reread it and buy it in all possible formats—e-book, audiobook, pop-up, scratch-and-sniff, see-through? I am on my way to doing that with T.H. White's THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING.

My grandfather read it to me when I was a kid (and teen), and I've got a copy of a TOAFK audiobook on my phone (with a narrator that's almost as good as my grandfather). Reviews aren't my strong suit, but there's something about this book! I found an old review of it online in the 1958 December issue of THE ROTARIAN that felt right (also the super charmingness of a magazine called THE ROTARIAN with an equally charmful cover by a Dane named Paul Høyrup):

From googlebooks, cover by Paul Høyrup

Review by John T. Frederick
I don't have any illustrated copies of TOAFK, and the books are so full of brilliant images, it's been fun to wonder what chapter headers would look like. I jotted down some favorite phrases while listening this week and tried to have fun with a pencil (the moat one's more of a feeling than a correct excerpt, so let's call it a moot moat quote):

How can you not love Archimedes?

I was thinking she confused Astrolabe for Astrolobe? I guess  this is only funny if you know you look through an astrolabe, and that it doesn't belong in your ear.

A fish or an amphibian with long arms is nothing I want to cuddle.