Thursday, March 1, 2012

Warts and all

If you love a book, do you reread it and buy it in all possible formats—e-book, audiobook, pop-up, scratch-and-sniff, see-through? I am on my way to doing that with T.H. White's THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING.

My grandfather read it to me when I was a kid (and teen), and I've got a copy of a TOAFK audiobook on my phone (with a narrator that's almost as good as my grandfather). Reviews aren't my strong suit, but there's something about this book! I found an old review of it online in the 1958 December issue of THE ROTARIAN that felt right (also the super charmingness of a magazine called THE ROTARIAN with an equally charmful cover by a Dane named Paul Høyrup):

From googlebooks, cover by Paul Høyrup

Review by John T. Frederick
I don't have any illustrated copies of TOAFK, and the books are so full of brilliant images, it's been fun to wonder what chapter headers would look like. I jotted down some favorite phrases while listening this week and tried to have fun with a pencil (the moat one's more of a feeling than a correct excerpt, so let's call it a moot moat quote):

How can you not love Archimedes?

I was thinking she confused Astrolabe for Astrolobe? I guess  this is only funny if you know you look through an astrolabe, and that it doesn't belong in your ear.

A fish or an amphibian with long arms is nothing I want to cuddle.


Jennifer K. Mann said...

Love that owl! hoo hoo!

Kirby Larson said...

These are fabulous! I want Archimedes!

storyqueen said...

The Once and Future King is my favorite book as well!

I don't know if I would write what I do without it.

And I love the drawings!