Thursday, May 24, 2012

Join me this summer in Seattle

It's that time of year again! When it's light out in Seattle for more hours of the day than not, a perfect time to do extra work on a project near and dear to your heart, like:
  • Growing the world's largest zucchini
  • Pogosticking across America
  • Trying every flavor of ice cream sold in the grocery store by your house
  • Developing an action plan to form your own evil empire.
  • Making a picture book
I'm not saying you can't do ALL of the above this summer, nor do I think they're mutually exclusive. While I do wish there were more indie/small-scale evil empires around town, I can really only help you move forward with the last project above.

This summer, June 19 to July 12, I'll be teaching ILLUSTRATING CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOKS at the University of Washington. As a former attendee, I don't feel like a total dip saying it was my favorite class when Brenda Z. Guiberson was teaching it, and I try very hard to make it as fantastic as she did.

In eight classes, beginners and seasoned picture book makers alike will complete a picture book dummy.

If you're new to picture books and want to give them a try, this is the class for you.

If you think you know how to make a picture book, but you're stuck on a project, this class will help figure out what's been holding you back. You've heard all those golden picture book rules before, you say? Ask yourself, am I following all of them? Will it hurt to be reminded of them? If you've been having trouble practicing picture book making regularly and/or frequently, this class will help you commit to a summer of butt in chair!

This class will introduce you to key picture book making concepts, or help you dig a little deeper on what you think you already know.

There are still spots left in the class, be sure to register soon, click to visit class details and registration info.

Guest speakers include: Author/Illustrator Ben Clanton and University Book Store Children's Book Buyer Lauren Mayer.

Hope to see you there!

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