Friday, May 11, 2012

Me Got Pet!

Tammi Sauer was totally lovely BEFORE she brought me a present, but after she gifted me amazing things, well, Tammi's achieved triple stars of awesomeness.

I am the very proud recipient of a signed copy of her hilarious and sweet new book with Bob Shea, ME WANT PET!

And on top of that, Tammi gave me a pet! I named it Dan Santat.

Sadly, Dan is exceptionally naughty and has spent a lot of time being grounded and/or in time out. I'm looking at sending him to a military academy, but since we know what sort of adults kids that attend such academies turn into, I might try homeschooling instead. Or perhaps I will just embed Dan into my patio.


tammi sauer said...

Aw. Dan Santat and Dan Santat are pretty adorable. Except for Dan Santat's twitchy eye. But don't bring that up to Dan Santat.

CocoaStomp said...

Tammi, I'm just waiting for you to send me the present of a chicken so I can name it Bob Shea.