Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Illustration Loves

There are so many inspiring talents in the illustration world right now, here are a few of my current favorites:

Meg Hunt. I would love to take a class from her! Such fantastic style and wild patterns.
From Meg Hunt's website http://www.meghunt.com/Florid-Fauna

Claire Keane. Holy moly, that This American Life animation, plus all her amazing work with Disney, the picture of her with the Rapunzel mural reminds me of a similarly lovely lady's, Mary Blair with her Small World art. I got to hear Claire's dad give a lecture once, what a cool family.
From Claire Keane's website http://claireonacloud.com/

Emily Carroll. She's got some of the best online comics around, and her palettes blow me away.
From Emily Carroll's website http://www.emcarroll.com/

Greg Pizzoli. How does he do it! I love his screen prints and cheerful characters. If I could uproot to Philadelphia, I'd be taking his screen printing class first thing.
From Greg Pizzoli's website http://gregpizzoli.com/

Jennifer Mann. I am so excited for you to see her forthcoming books! I love her use of texture and her willingness to try any paper, pen, paint, you name it, to make her art sing.
From Jennifer Mann's website http://www.jenniferkmann.com/

And my new obsession is rereading Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain, but finding them with the Evaline Ness covers. I, too, had the ones Betsy Bird remembers fondly as a kid, but man, those Ness ones are entrancing. See them in all their scanned glory at Daughter Number Three's blog.

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Dawn Simon said...

Hi, Jaime! It's fun to hear which illustrators currently have you excited. I love Jennifer Mann's work as well. She's so talented.