Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SCBWI Team Blog Exclusive Interview with Art Director Juan Fresca

Late breaking news, guys, there's an addition to the SCBWI Conference Faculty. A well-seasoned art director by the name of Juan Fresca. Juan's so talented and prolific, he doesn't work for any one publishing house, but rather floats around like a natural gas, or a cloud of locusts.

Jaime: Hi, Juan. This may be a really tough question for you since you have your fingers in so many publishing house design department pies, but it's one I love to ask art directors: What book covers have caught your eye this year (not any you've worked on)?

Juan: Some people call my style "Old School". I take that as a compliment. 
(Though I prefer to be called "O.G.")

Follow Your Heart #7
Numbers 1-6 were good, but not this good.

Pumping Iron
The most powerful cover. Ever.

And what is better than a ceramic doll on a little wicker chair? Nothing.

Jaime: What's your favorite Pantone color?

Juan: My color passion cannot be contained in a single color. My 3 favorites are:

Pink Bubblegum

Rock 'n Pop Swirl

Wild 'n Reckless

Though I may have confused my Pantone and Baskin Robbins charts.

Jaime: Do you have an intern that brings you Campari?

Juan: No! That is so last year.

My new intern is only allowed to bring me an Aperol spritz or a St. Germain Elderflower and Champagne.

Jaime: Have you ever killed a man?

Juan: See above.
Take note of the adjective "new".

Jaime: Are you answering these from your hot air balloon? Send pictures.

Juan: No, but you were close – I am answering these from my Design Zeppelin. 
Photos of:
The S.S. Scieszka

The bridge our new publishing company recently purchased.

Our Feed Monkey Landing Pad

Jaime: I see, to achieve a level of anonymity you're using your pen name on your zeppelin, smart thinking. Is it true that in the event of a nuclear threat there is an underground bunker set aside for you, Juan Fresca, and Rosemary Wells, Jeff Kinney, and JK Rowling for your safe keeping/repopulating the planet?

Juan: Yes. But don't let Zelinsky or Barnett or Laurie Halse Anderson or Henry Winkler or Steve Malk or Lin Oliver know about this. Because then they are going to be all like Can I get in the bunker? and I'm going to have to be like Gosh, let me check the maximum capacity rating on that and get back to you...  And then it just gets awkward, you know?

Jaime: No, I don't know. In the event of a zombie takeover I'm contractually obligated to let Justin Chanda and Ruta Rimas eat my brains—publishing agreements have gotten really specific in the last few years. Thanks anyway, Juan. 

Folks, Catch Juan at the conference this weekend—on Friday morning he's delivering the second keynote. Juan's also doing a workshop Saturday with Mark Barnard and a solo talk on Sunday. He is not allowed in the Hyatt on Monday, however, so if you see Juan at any of the Intensives please call hotel security immediately (310) 228-1234.

Juan and Mark's new book!


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