Saturday, July 25, 2015

SCBWI Pre-conference Interview with Agent Jenny Bent

Jenny in a somber moment
Jenny Bent is the supreme high commander of the amazing Bent Agency and a smart and lovely lady. She's interested in middle grade and YA, you SCBWIers-looking-for-agents, so be sure you check out her session on query letters on Friday, her bits and bobs on the agent panel on Saturday, as well as her career advice session Saturday. Also, Jenny likes TERRIBLE coffee, like, blueberry-flavored coffee, so if you have any old candy or beverage samples that you've thought sounded too weird to try yourself but didn't want to throw away, feel free to give them to Jenny when you see her in LA. Jenny was nice enough to answer a few questions for us to get us pumped for the 44th annual SCBWI Summer Conference.

Jaime: Jenny Benders! You are one of my favorite people to see at the LA conference, what are YOUR favorite parts of the LA conference experience? 

Jenny: Honestly, I love meeting the writers. 

Jaime: And?

Jenny: I love their energy, excitement and enthusiasm.  

Jaime: AND?

Jenny: ...

Jaime ANNNNNNND???!!!

Jenny: And seeing YOU of course.  That’s the other best part.   

Jaime: Aw, Jenny, you're embarrassing me. What's your latest book submission wish? Like, "I wish someone would send me a manuscript that's Gone Girl, but with anthropomorphic teen rabbits”?

Jenny: I would love an amazing magical MG that reminds me of the classics by E. Nesbit and Edward Eager.  In YA, I would love a contemporary with a strong sense of place and a kick ass heroine like Anne of Green Gables.  I also want a modern-day Pippi Longstocking.  Have you read that recently?  It is FABULOUS. 

Jaime: I've never read Pippi! I'll fix that. On board with the rest, though! It sounds like maybe you want The Girl with the Green Gable Tattoo, I would totally read that. You seem to love social media, and it seems to love you back. Whose Twitter account do you routinely find is enjoyable to read for whatever reason?

Jenny: Hmmmm….Elizabeth Craig is great just because she tweets so many wonderful, useful links. And Matt Ringler at Scholastic is just always hilarious and entertaining. Oh, and Jen Klonsky at Harper is super funny, too, as is Josh Bank from Alloy.

Jaime: Useful and funny! What are you planning on doing on your plane ride from east to west coast? Are you catching up on sleep? Watching a pirated copy of Magic Mike 2? Working? 

Jenny: Do you want the truth? I’m sure I will be finishing my critiques.  

Jaime: I think most conference critiques are done on westbound planes, Jenny, you agents and editors are crazy busy. Last question, if you weren't agenting, what is another vocation you'd consider?

Jenny: No clue.  I’d be f*cked. (Can I say that on this blog?)

Jaime: I'm only sad there was only one f bomb.

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